With a busy day ahead of you it is essential to start your mornings in a way that will set you up to succeed for the rest of the day. Things can go unexpectedly, work is often demanding, busy back-to-back schedules can take their toll. That is why taking accountability for what you can control in the beginning of your day will maximize your energy, focus and self-control throughout your day to deal with all that that comes your way.

Escaping the dead end cycle can be impossible if good habits are not fostered and practiced. ©Carte Blanche

It’s all about self-discipline when beginning something new. For some it will come easy, for others it might require a little more of a push from within to get a new routine started. Think of it as doing something good for yourself. Having a healthy morning regiment is benefitting your morning, but really, it’s the overall effect it has on your whole day. The goal being a more productive, energized, focus and enjoyable day.

No screen-time until breakfast

Check your emails and messages after shower and breakfast. ©Carte Blanche

We go to bed with our phones and wake up with our phones. They come with us everywhere, and there’s necessary reasons for that. When it comes to waking up, after turning off your alarm, save the emails, messages, scrolling for a little later. Waking up and jumping right into your phone can be abrupt for your mind. Waking up without the stimulation of your phone could be a skill to develop. Mornings should be a meditation. See that waking up process as time for yourself to gather energy for the day.

Lemon water

©Carte Blanche
Make lemon water your friend. ©Carte Blanche

Having lemon water, hot or cold, is a great way to get in your serving of vitamin c, potassium and antioxidants for the morning. Having lemon water break your 8+ hour sleep fast will spike your energy and makes it easier for your body to absorb nutrients throughout the day.

Exercise or stretching

You do not need to go to gym to stay fit and productive. A 10-15 minute exercise or stretch at home does it too. ©Carte Blanche

Moving your body for as little as 10 minutes when your first wake up has been proven to increase energy levels throughout the day. Getting those endorphins early will help your cognitive self-control and keep you feeling more positive with your mindset.

Do not skip breakfast

Have more of fruits or raw veggies for breakfast. ©Carte Blanche

There has been a lot of debate on whether or not continuing your sleep-fast or having breakfast is better for energy levels. Research has shown that focus and energy levels are greatly increased for longer period of time when having a healthy breakfast before work. When your day requires a lot of your concentration, make having breakfast part of your morning routine.

Daily to-do list

A scheduled day is always productive. ©Carte Blanche

Making your to-do list achievable is essential. Be specific with what you need and want to accomplish. Realizing your daily tasks and placing them in a list makes them real. Your confidence and sense of control is benefitting greatly by creating a daily and achievable to-do list

Keep a clean workspace

Organisation and orderliness increases performance. ©Carte Blanche

It’s been proven that a clean workspace is linked to a higher performance. The less distraction around you allows for a deeper concentration and productivity.

Hard tasks first

Use the morning to handle the tasks that require the most concentration. Procrastination of those more challenging tasks in turn will lead to a less productive day.

Keep morning meetings on schedule

Being time conscious is the first step to success. ©Carte Blanche

Have your meetings follow a strict schedule. If everyone knows the meeting has to finish by a certain time, the time allotted will be used more efficiently. Don’t let meeting drag on, stay focused on what needs to be accomplished.

Be kind to yourself as you start to shape your morning routine. Everything in the morning should have intention, since those morning hours are important. Learning to make the most of your mornings will show improvement in all area of your life. Take the first steps!

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