It usually takes a few over or under packing fails to perfect the skill of packing for any trip. There are many factors that go into tailor-packing for a trip. It is not mere packing but packing to look good, feel good, and be your best self anywhere in the world.

The more you travel, the more you know what you do not need. That is precisely the philosophy you want to have. Try to pack as minimalistic as possible without compromising on your overall look. It mostly boils down to the planning you do beforehand. Knowing the location you are packing for, the restaurants or events you might attend, whether the trip is for work or leisure and the length of your stay; although, it does get a little trickier if there are multi-destinations.

Here are a couple of packing tips every elegant travelling business woman must know.

Invest in a high-quality carry-on suitcase

Your travelling case can tell a lot about you. As an elegant lady, you want to be cultivated and refined both inwardly and outwardly stretching even to your suitcase. ©Carte Blanche

Whatever the case, business or vacation, investing in a good carry-on luggage makes the world of a difference, not to mention save you some good cash. When it comes to luggage, size and design matters. You want to make sure a carry-on is roomy enough to fit all your belongings but lightweight enough to avoid any fees.

Feed your travel bug with these high quality carry-on luggage options.

Use coat rack to help pack

Having your own styling rack is simply ideal and helps you choose and co-ordinate your outfits. There is a big difference from tossing your outfits on the bed. ©Carte Blanche

This tip is remarkably valuable if you are on a multi-destination trip and need to pack your carry-on with specific outfits. It is a great way to visualize each day’s outfit and organize your suitcase day-by-day. If you do not already own one, you can purchase your own coat rack here.

Stay organized with zip-lock bags or use the rolling method

Zip-lock bags are super ideal in packing your clothes and toiletries. Besides compressing your items and creating more space, this is a smart packing practice that will keep your clothes from dust or any unforseeable spoiling . The rolling method is an alternative when it comes to neat packing and creating space in the suitcase. However, this depends on the clothing piece, some clothes cannot be rolled up.

Learning to fold and pack your clothes neatly will hardly bring you a moment of embarrassment when required to open your luggage in public sight, particularly at the airport check point.

Folding your clothes neatly also works in creating space. ©Carte Blanche

Get your space saving premium travel roll up compression, no vacuum needed ziplock bags here.

Pack crease free clothing

Choosing pieces of clothing that do not crease easily is a good place to start when shopping and packing for a trip. Flowing, silk fabrics are both elegant and travel friendly. Yet, more often than not creases can prove inescapable, plus, it is not at every occasion that one can wear silk clothes. That said, the best idea is to have your own portable steamer. That will make your travel life rather unstrained. You will look exquisitely neat, chic and polished albeit far from home.

Solid color, co-ordinated outfits

©Carte Blanche

Not only do solid color and co-ordinated outfits look classy, they make packing and planning out your weekly wardrobe simply stress free. Also, pick the perfect accessories and jewellery without having to carry the whole box.

Shoe bag

Definitely have a washable shoe bag to separate your shoes and clean clothes. Opt for a cotton bag rather than plastic when packing shoes to avoid humidity getting trapped in.
Bring warm clothes on the plane — especially international flights.

Always have a soft scarf, warm plush travel socks as they will also prevent your feet from swelling, and a travel blankie with you on the cold plane particularly if your flight is an overnight one. It is of great importance during long international flights to ensure your own comfort. One time on a trip from Harare to Rome, I erroneously left this part of my travel plans in the hands of the flight I was on. All was well and cosy until night-time. The little blanket provided was not ample to keep me warm in the cold high-altitude temperatures. From then on, I make it a point much before I even board the plane, to ensure my comfort and warmth when traveling for long hours.

Bring a light-weight mini umbrella

Of course it depends on where you are traveling to, but then again it is a good idea to invest in a portable travel umbrella in case of unpredictable rain.

Plan your itinerary well before you travel. It can ease any anxiety for big or important trips. Keeping a flexible mindset is also good! Know that even if you forget something you can buy a similar item almost anywhere, or perhaps you can even do without it anyway.

Pack your kindle or a good ol’ hardcopy read, headphones / pressure reducing earplugs to avoid “airplane ear” and snacks- just in case you do not fancy the food served on the plane. Do not forget your phone charger!

Bon Voyage!

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