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Dressing with elegance ought not be associated with pallid colours. Checkered, dotted, patterned, plaided, striped and dappled prints may caterwaul to some, however, if well assembled, worn in the appropriate seasons and made with the right materials, one might just defy the odds in the realm of ‘plain-colours-equal-elegance’.

Presenting the rare and sublime world of handmade couture, the Alta Moda by Dolce and Gabbana(women’s high fashion) collection, which includes outfits that are as staggeringly beautiful as they are worth the weight of gold. The pieces are light, breezy and infused with insouciance. A good example that colourful articles can be elegant.

Vibrant colour and rich textiles displayed on a look from the Alta Moda collection by Dolce & Gabbana. Courtesy Dolce & Gabbana

Silks, pure cotton and linens ought to be the fabrics of choice for your wardrobe. It is not the quantity of clothing pieces that is of importance, rather, the quality. Better it is to own a few articles for each season that are durable and sustainable, than to hoard that which one might end up not wearing.

Indeed prices vary from material to material; which you may find that silk is more expensive than linen, and linen is more expensive than cotton. That must not motivate one to live in debt, going off of a budget on a spree to purchase expensive pieces of designer clothing, rather, one must check for material composition for each article before purchase, regardless of vendor or store. If it reads 100% cotton or linen or silk, then go for it. This will cut down on impulse purchases and narrow your wardrobe down to what you really like and appreciate.

A taste of Italy in the latest Alta Moda by Dolce & Gabbana collection. Courtesy Dolce & Gabbana

Do not hesitate, therefore, to add colourful and quality dresses to your wardrobe. For example, the above piece, filled with the tangy colours of Italian fruit, against rich reds and sky blues, is simply a delight to behold. Flowing and light as summer dresses should be, this also goes to show how unflattering tight fitting pieces of clothing are or can be on a woman. 

A tip only elegant women know… It’s best to always opt for tailored outfits, flowy dresses or circle skirts.

Courtesy Dolce and Gabbana

All in all, dressing with elegance boils down to the quality of material, the use of accessories, the co-ordination of the outfit, the length and fitting of the dress, as well as how covering or revealing it is. Keep these in mind when dressing and you will present yourself well.





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